Garth Webber Discography:

Garth Webber: Get A Grip On The Blues, Webber & Ford, On The Edge, Man On A Mission

Miles Davis:
Street Scenes: Live In Europe (bootleg)

David Lillienthal:

The Ford Blues Band:
The Ford Blues Band

John Lee Sanders:
World Blue Aris 21 283 772, It's All Blues To Me

Joe Goldmark: All Over The Road LO-BALL 6, Steelin' The Beatles LO-BALL 8,
Strong Like Bull... But Sensitive Like Squirrel!
HMG 3014

Kathy N Right: Long Way Around

Jake Sampson: Three Shades Of The Blues

David Raitt: Take A Chance

Andy Just: Don't Cry Blue Rock'it BRCD 117