pacifix     "The SOV1 and SDT1 pedals are are among the best I've heard. An MP3 of me playing through them is on their website."
providence "Excellent quality products overall. I like their '59er guitar cables a lot. They sound great, are well made and are very flexible."
thd THD Hot Plate: "This is the best attenuator I have found and it gets used all the time in the studio. It allows me to get a righteous tone at any volume I want."

"The Fender Concert Amp has been my mainstay for about 10 years and I have found nothing that I like better for live work. I frequently record with it too and it can be heard on Man On A Mission, my most recent blues release. The Twin (red knob) is amazing for a completely clean rhythm tone. Nothing I have heard stays as clean as this amp even at very loud levels."

robben_ford_model   The Robben Ford model guitar. "I may well never find another guitar I like this much."
ghs_strings "I think these are the best sounding guitar strings in the world."
gandl "The G&L ASAT thinline Tele style guitar is incredibly well made, with much better hardware than was found on original Fender Telecasters. I use it a lot for recording."
line6 pod_xt Line 6 POD XT   "What a great tool for recording! It sounds quite good and provides a fast and efficient way to achieve many different tones which hold up well in a mix."
boss "The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive has been on my pedalboard for more than 10 years and is my favorite overdrive pedal. I've tried many other pedals, some of which are quite good, but the SD-1 suits my playing best and I keep coming back to it."
carlmartin Carl Martin compressor pedal: "This pedal has really helped my sound. Its delivers a much higher quality of compression than any other stomp box I'm aware of. I leave it in (the signal chain) all the time."
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