Garth Webber's Engineering Credits:

Garth also regularly engineers and produces in the studio. Here are some of the projects he's recorded:

The Ford Blues Band:
The Ford Blues Band, 1999, Hotshots, Luther Tucker and the Ford Blues Band, Fords and Friends, A Tribute to Paul Butterfield, Got Harp If You Want It  Mark Ford: With the Robben Ford Band, And the Blue Line featuring Robben Ford  Chris Cain: Unscheduled Flight, Cain Does King  Anthony Paule: Big Guitar, Hiding In Plain Sight  Larry Dunn: The Rhythm Sheiks, Migration Of The Groove, The Rhythm Sheiks: The Hounds Of Music, Got It Workin'  Chris Cobb: CC's Blues  David Raitt: Take A Chance  David Raitt and Jimmy Thackery: That's It  Andy Just: Don't Cry  Micheal Osborn: A Case For the Blues, A Background In the Blues  
Joes Goldmark: All Over the Road, Steelin' the Beatles, All Hat No Cattle, Strong Like Bull  Terry Hiatt: Big Science  David Garibaldi: Future Sounds  Kathy N Right: The Long Way Around, Nancy Wenstrom  Mike Henderson: Only Time Will Tell  Candy Planet: Deeper Than Fluff  Edward Dee: Choices  Jake Sampson: Three Shades of the Blues  Mumble Finger: Nasty Bits of Funk  Meg Mackay: Legally Blonde  Joey Curtin: River of Life, Dance of the Porcupines, Bella's Curve  Max Cabello: Livin' on the Edge  David Quinby: Outbound  Garth Webber: Get A Grip On the Blues, Webber and Ford On the Edge, Man On A Mission