Man On A Mission Review:

I do not recall when I have come across a CD that was more appropriately named than the latest release from California based blues/rock guitarist Garth Webber. Webber is indeed a "Man On A Mission" and that mission apparently is to produce one very fine CD that is surely going to garner for himself many new fans.
Webber is a veteran performer with impressive credentials, having played in several countries and with the likes of John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Mose Alison, and numerous others. "Man On A Mission" features Webber complimented by an all-star supporting cast, which includes the likes of the legendary Ford Brothers (Mark, Patrick, and guitar wizard Robben), guest vocalists Mz Dee and the most impressive John Lee Sanders.The music is very Robben Ford like, only with a much more consistent blues flavoring than most of Ford's solo work. Garth's vocals, as well as his song writing skills, are formidable and his guitar work is top notch.
The addition of John Lee Sanders into this lineup transforms this from a "must own" recording into an "absolutely must own" one. Sanders supplies two cleverly written original songs (music compliments of Mr. Webber), on which he also adds some of the smoothest and most soulful vocals on this CD, or quite frankly on most any other recording I have heard. Not to be too outdone, Mz Dee and Garth Webber prove that they are also talented vocalists with their contributions to the recording . By using this mix of singers of somewhat different styles, the CD is also diverse and leaves you wanting to hear more from each.
As previously mentioned, the recording displays a definite Robben Ford influence and therefore exhibits sufficient flavorings of blues, rock, and jazz. Webber is definitely a guitarist who can hold his own with Mr. Ford and is also similar in vocal style to Ford, only better. I enjoyed all of the tracks, especially the title track, "Self Made Man", which features excellent exchanges between Webber's stinging guitar and the splendid harmonica of Mark Ford (another of my personal favorite artists), and "Catch That Train" which showcases Webber accompanied by the Wah pedal guitar of the great Robben Ford. However, as previously stated, the two tracks featuring John Lee Sanders on vocals, "Powerful Stuff" and "So Good" are awfully hard to beat.
The CD is available from many of the major online music stores and in several retail outlets as well. "Man On A Mission" will make a welcome addition to any blues or blues/rock collection.
"Mission" accomplished, Mr. Webber.