Studio description: (More pictures coming soon!)
Red Rooster Studio, located in Berkeley CA, specializes in recording blues, jazz, folk, rock and pop music. We have state of the art equipment and offer an environment which puts the musicians at ease and caters to their needs. We specialize in getting great sounds on drums, guitars (acoustic and electric), vocals and horns of all types.

Recording of a large band is possible with complete isolation of acoustic instruments and vocals. Eight cue mixes are available and controllable by the players themselves.

To enquire about specifics email or call 510-527-9818.

Red Rooster Studios

Partial client list:
Zigaboo Modeliste, Luther Tucker, The Ford Bros, Robben, Patrick and Mark, Chris Cain, Andy Just, Anthony Paule, Pamela Rose, Brenda Boykin, Laura Chandler, Audrey Rose, David and Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Thackery, Mike Osborn, Terry Hiatt, Rene Solis, Volker Striffler, John Lee Sanders, Joe Goldmark, Tony Goldmark, Kathy N Right, Pickpocket Ensemble, Danny Caron, Chris Cobb, Mike Henderson, Hanes Family, Greg Little, Meg Mackay, Daniel Maya, Jack Gates, Mumble Finger, Country Pete McGill, Will Porter, Christopher Robin Band, Max Cabello, Stephanie Teel, Linda Tillery, Tim Walker, Nancy Wenstrom and Josh Coleman.

Gear Overview:

48 tracks of RADAR 24 (24 bit 96k capable recorder). This is considered by many to be the best sounding digital recorder in the world. Soundcraft Ghost 32 mixing console.

Extensive collection of microphones by Neumann, Soundelux, Shure, Audio Technica, Schoeps, AKG, Beyer, Sennheiser, Audix, Oktava, Elation, Royer, Earthworks, Marshall, CAD and Behringer.
Mic preamps by: Neve, Manley, Grace, Great River, Sytek, FMR, Joe Meek, Peavey, Presonus and Audix.

24 channels of outboard compression are available as well as four reverbs and numerous delays and multi-effects.

The following items are in house and available for use at no charge:
Fender and G&L guitars and basses. Fender and other guitar amps. Many effects pedals of all types including distortion, overdrive, wah, EQ, volume and compressor pedals.

Fatar keyboard controller and various rack synth modules by Roland, Alesis and EMU. Roland S-770 sampler. Alesis DM PRO and Roland R-8 drum modules.

A good sounding D'Amico snare drum plus Zildjian 10" recording high hats and cymbals. Percussion instruments such as cabasa, shaker eggs, cowbells and tambourines.

If you need musicians for your project we have a large number of excellent players available at reasonable rates.

For more info call 510-527-9818 any time.