MP3's for PURCHASE (99¢ each, USD) Cuts from various recordings that Garth has recorded:

These songs are assorted experiments that I have done and are varied in style. They are sort of 'one-offs', basically just songs that I wanted to record for fun.
If you are unhappy with the song(s) you download, I would like to give you your money back, no questions asked.

01. Alfie (Unreleased, 2006)

02. Meet Me Halfway (Unreleased, 2006)

03. One Flight Down (Unreleased, 2006)

04. Orchestral (Unreleased, 2006)

01. Man On A Mission (CD) (G Records 001, 12 Tracks, 2000) $15 USD

02. i (CD) (G Records 002, 10 Tracks, 2005) $15 USD